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treatment details/fee


Ichino-style Fundamental Improvement Chiropractic Course


At our clinic, we prioritize providing results-oriented treatments.
We value understanding each individual's concerns and addressing the underlying causes as our top priority.

Therefore, we limit the number of patients we can take care of. We kindly ask for your understanding, as this limitation is in place to ensure we can deliver the utmost satisfaction.

Counseling+Treatment+advice necessary for improvement

■ Regular:1200000dong


By 6Month 8day

\ For reservation only /

ICHINOHSHIKI Osteopathic Treatment

Counseling+Treatment 500,000 VND

limited only 10 people
only 3 people left

Procedure at our clinic

  • Fill out patient intake

    Fill out patient intake

    First, fill out the patient form about your symptoms at reception.

  • Counseling

    Counseling (interview)

    After changing clothes, you will be asked about your symptoms and problems you may have.
    Also, please let us know in detail about your problems. Any trifles such as worries and anxiety are fine.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask us.

  • Physical Examination

    Physical Examination

    We examine your current physical condition. We inspect the deformities and distortions of your bones with the movement of joints attached to bones.

  • Ichinoshiki  Muscle and Bone Adjustment

    Ichinoshiki Muscle and Bone Adjustment

    In general, joints are adjusted by massaging and correcting muscles. However, at our clinic, we approach the bones with a unique treatment called Ichinoshiki Muscle and Bone Adjustment Method. Since muscles are attached to bones, correcting bone deformation will quickly improve symptoms such as muscle hypertension, blood circulation disorders, and nerve compression.

  • Aftercare


    We will guide you on how to stretch, exercises, and keep a good posture etc. according to your physical condition as soon as the pain subsides. So you can work with a peaceful mind.

  • Total


    Please pay the treatment fee, and then confirm the next appointment. We will hand you a patient registration card and a reservation card with our health information sheet.

Reservations / Inquiries

If you have any symptoms that concern you,
please contact us as soon as possible.

\ Accepting inquiries 24 hours a day /

Inquire by Email