ICH INOHSHIKI Osteopathic Treatment



One of the best manipulative treatments

can be undergone in  Hanoi

Why are lchinoshiki treatments so popular ?

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Three reasons
to be chosen

01. Highly praised by doctors and medical specialists
in Japan for our high technical skills

  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist


    Mr.Ichino and his staff have a wealth of knowledge and accumulated technical skills to fundamentally improve symptoms.

    By Mio Koike
    (at KOIKE Hospital of Gynecology)
  • Former University Professor


    This is a very reliable clinic where practitioners have high technical skills and experiences.
    Their treatments are highly praised by patients.

    By Tsuneo Tonegawa
    (Former professor in Faculty of Medicine at Hiroshima University)
  • Director


    I was very pleased to have an elaborate and convincing explanation based on a lot of knowledge and expertise in receiving these treatments.

    By Masanori Nishitani
    (Dentist at Kinosho Dental Clinic)

02. Providing technical workshops
to practitioners all over Japan

Workshops hosted by Mr. Ichino, our director,
are always packed.

03. Received praise from doctors
and medical specialists in Vietnam as well

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Try our treatment by well-experienced staff
from Japan in Vietnam

The manipulative treatment we provide, which is called “Ichinoshiki Treatment", is a unique treatment established from Japan’s leading techniques, knowledge and experiences. It has a history of 35 years in Japan and has 17 branches nationwide.

We are now pleased to announce the opening of a new branch clinic in Vietnam.

Our well-trained and experienced practitioners from Japan regularly come and provide Ichinoshiki treatment for patients in Vietnam.

Why do pain and numbness recur?


- Bone Deformation is the cause of physical disorders -

We consider that the bone deformation is the cause of all symptoms such as pain and numbness.
When the bones are deformed, the nerves, blood vessels and muscles around them are compressed.
It causes blood circulation disorders, numbness due to compression of the nerves, and excessive muscle tension, which manifest as stiffness and pain.

If the deformation gets worse, it leads to severe pain. In the worst case, the patients may end up having a surgery.

Symptoms that can be treated

Bone deformation causes not only pain and numbness, but also functional impairment.

Symptoms below can be improved much faster by this treatment at an early stage.

All of the following symptoms can be treated with Ichino's method.

Neck/ Shoulder symptomsNeck/ Shoulder
stiff neck
neck pain
straight neck
adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)
Head/ Ear/ Face/Jaw symptomsHead/ Ear/ Face/Jaw
headache(tension・cluster・substance abuse・migraine)
eye strain
Lumber/Back symptomsLumber/Back
chronic backache
spinal stenosis
herniated disc
pelvic correction
Arm/ Hand symptomsArm/ Hand
numbness in limbs
smartphone finger
thrust finger
heberden nodules
Foot /Leg symptomsFoot /Leg
hip pain・osteoarthritis
knee pain・osteoarthritis of the knee
meniscus injury
shin splint
ankle sprain
ingrown nail
autonomic imbalance
artificial joint pain
motion sickness
sensitivity to cold
traffic accident treatment
stomach pain
reflux esophagitis

Highly Praised Reviews From Our Patients

  • Ms. Takahashi with our staff
    By Kiyoko Takahashi

    ”I definitely recommend it!”

    I had difficulty standing and walking due to back pain for a long time. Two or three years ago, I was diagnosed with lumbar spinal canal stenosis at a hospital. I went to another osteopathic clinic or applied a cold compress, but the pain did not improve. 

    When I visited this clinic, I was skeptical if it would really improve. However, this treatment  was completely different from the one I had received before. After 5 or 6 treatments the pain was much relieved,and I no longer need a cold compress.

    I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from pain. I will continue to follow the practitioner’s instructions and advice to live a pain-free and healthy life.

    ※There are individual differences in effect
  • Ms. Ueki with our staff
    By Kayako Ueki

    ”It feels really good !”

    I had difficulty walking, so it was hard to go shopping.
    It hurts when I bend and straighten my knees, so it was very difficult to walk up and down stairs or steps. Also, going down hills was painful and difficult for me.

    That is when I saw the website. After seeing it, I decided to have this treatment and called to make a reservation. On the day of the treatment, I was told in detail about my physical condition in an easy-to-understand manner,  so I decided to continue this treatment here. Now, I no longer have pain and am almost healed. 

    I will continue the treatment while consulting with my practitioner.

    Please consult with this clinic without worrying yourself.

    ※There are individual differences in effect
  • Ms. Sakai with our staff
    By Masami Sakai

    “This treatment makes me feel good!”

    I had suffered from stiff neck and associated neck pain  for many years. Sometimes it caused a heavy headache, so I went to the doctor several times only to have him prescribe medicine. It relieved symptoms temporarily, however, it wouldn’t become a solution to my problem.

    That was when my friend introduced this clinic to me.

    I called and made a reservation on the day.
    I have nothing but gratitude for my friend now.
    The treatment itself was painless and comfortable. After having my bones adjusted, my condition got much better instantly.  The problems I had suffered from for many years were resolved. Instead of seeking temporary improvement with medicine, I highly recommend receiving this treatment.

    It may lead to a perfect solution for your problems. 

    ※There are individual differences in effect

Providing treatments that resolve
from the cause


Not only in Japan but also in Asian countries there are many people suffering from physical pain. In order to help and support them with our methods, we decided to open our first overseas branch in Hanoi. We will fully support those who have physical pain and numbness here in Hanoi with the same quality of treatment as that of Japan.

At our clinic, we conduct the treatments with our unique technique independently developed and specialized in bone adjustment. Unlike massage, electrotherapy, acupuncture and moxibustion, which are generally performed on muscles, we fundamentally adjust bones. So, the pain will disappear easily. The tension in the lower back immediately improves, and the years of pain goes away.

Procedure at our clinic

  • Fill out patient intake

    Fill out patient intake

    First, fill out the patient form about your symptoms at reception.

  • Counseling

    Counseling (interview)

    After changing clothes, you will be asked about your symptoms and problems you may have.
    Also, please let us know in detail about your problems. Any trifles such as worries and anxiety are fine.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask us.

  • Physical Examination

    Physical Examination

    We examine your current physical condition. We inspect the deformities and distortions of your bones with the movement of joints attached to bones.

  • Ichinoshiki  Muscle and Bone Adjustment

    Ichinoshiki Muscle and Bone Adjustment

    In general, joints are adjusted by massaging and correcting muscles. However, at our clinic, we approach the bones with a unique treatment called Ichinoshiki Muscle and Bone Adjustment Method. Since muscles are attached to bones, correcting bone deformation will quickly improve symptoms such as muscle hypertension, blood circulation disorders, and nerve compression.

  • Aftercare


    We will guide you on how to stretch, exercises, and keep a good posture etc. according to your physical condition as soon as the pain subsides. So you can work with a peaceful mind.

  • Total


    Please pay the treatment fee, and then confirm the next appointment. We will hand you a patient registration card and a reservation card with our health information sheet.

About Treatment Fee

Our top priority is to provide the best treatment for each patient. So, we may limit the number of patients in charge. At our clinic we focus on the results, so we take enough time to carefully listen to the patient's symptoms and then conduct our treatment.
We would appreciate your understanding.


By 6Month 8day

\ For reservation only /

ICHINOHSHIKI Osteopathic Treatment

Counseling+Treatment 500,000 VND

limited only 10 people
only 3 people left

Reservations / Inquiries

If you have any symptoms that concern you,
please contact us as soon as possible.

\ Accepting inquiries 24 hours a day /

Inquire by Email

Fundamental Improvement
Ichinoshiki Osteopathic Clinic
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