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patients voice

  • Ms. Sakai with our staff
    Ms. Sakai with our staff

    “This treatment makes me feel good!”

    I had suffered from stiff neck and associated neck pain  for many years. Sometimes it caused a heavy headache, so I went to the doctor several times only to have him prescribe medicine. It relieved symptoms temporarily, however, it wouldn’t become a solution to my problem.

    That was when my friend introduced this clinic to me.

    I called and made a reservation on the day.
    I have nothing but gratitude for my friend now.
    The treatment itself was painless and comfortable. After having my bones adjusted, my condition got much better instantly.  The problems I had suffered from for many years were resolved. Instead of seeking temporary improvement with medicine, I highly recommend receiving this treatment.

    It may lead to a perfect solution for your problems. 

    (By Masami Sakai)

    ※ There are individual differences in effect
  • Ms. Ueki with our staff
    Ms. Ueki with our staff

    “It feels really good !”

    I had difficulty walking, so it was hard to go shopping.
    It hurts when I bend and straighten my knees, so it was very difficult to walk up and down stairs or steps. Also, going down hills was painful and difficult for me.

    That is when I saw the website. After seeing it, I decided to have this treatment and called to make a reservation. On the day of the treatment, I was told in detail about my physical condition in an easy-to-understand manner,  so I decided to continue this treatment here. Now, I no longer have pain and am almost healed. 

    I will continue the treatment while consulting with my practitioner.

    Please consult with this clinic without worrying yourself

    (By Kayako Ueki)

    ※ There are individual differences in effect
  • Ms. Takahashi with our staff
    Ms. Takahashi with our staff

    ”I definitely recommend it!”

    I had difficulty standing and walking due to back pain for a long time. Two or three years ago, I was diagnosed with lumbar spinal canal stenosis at a hospital. I went to another osteopathic clinic or applied a cold compress, but the pain did not improve. 

    When I visited this clinic, I was skeptical if it would really improve. However, this treatment  was completely different from the one I had received before. After 5 or 6 treatments the pain was much relieved,and I no longer need a cold compress.

    I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from pain. I will continue to follow the practitioner’s instructions and advice to live a pain-free and healthy life.

    (By Kiyoko Takahashi)

    ※ There are individual differences in effect

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