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Beginners’ guide

Causes of Pain, Numbness, and Discomfort


I believe that the cause of all symptoms lies in the deformation of the bones. When bones deform, they can compress the surrounding nerves, blood vessels, and muscles. This can lead to circulation disorders, tingling due to nerve compression, and excessive muscle tension. Furthermore, as the level of deformation worsens, intense pain can occur, often necessitating surgical intervention in the worst cases.

The reasons for the persistent discomfort
not being resolved so far.


In symptomatic treatment, there is a risk of recurrence and improvement may take time!

There are various approaches such as relaxing muscles, aligning joints, and relying on medication, but these are symptomatic treatments, which can lead to a risk of recurrence and require time for improvement.

Not only focusing on addressing the symptoms, but also addressing the underlying cause can reduce the risk of recurrence and improve the speed of recovery.

The fundamental cause is "bone deformation.



At our clinic, we specialize in a unique treatment method that focuses on professionally aligning the "bones." As a result, our approach differs from common methods like "massage, electrical therapy, acupuncture, and moxibustion" which are typically aimed at muscles. Instead, we work to fundamentally align the bones. This leads to rapid improvement in lower back stiffness and a noticeable reduction in long-standing pain that has been dormant for years.

Symptoms that can be treated

Bone deformation causes not only pain and numbness, but also functional impairment.

Symptoms below can be improved much faster by receiving this treatment at an early stage.

All of the following symptoms can be treated with Ichino's method.

Neck/ Shoulder symptomsNeck/ Shoulder
stiff neck
neck pain
straight neck
adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)
Head/ Ear/ Face/Jaw symptomsHead/ Ear/ Face/Jaw
headache(tension・cluster・substance abuse・migraine)
eye strain
Lumber/Back symptomsLumber/Back
chronic backache
spinal stenosis
herniated disc
pelvic correction
Arm/ Hand symptomsArm/ Hand
numbness in limbs
smartphone finger
thrust finger
heberden nodules
Foot /Leg symptomsFoot /Leg
hip pain・osteoarthritis
knee pain・osteoarthritis of the knee
meniscus injury
shin splint
ankle sprain
ingrown nail
autonomic imbalance
artificial joint pain
motion sickness
sensitivity to cold
traffic accident treatment
stomach pain
reflux esophagitis

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What should I wear?

    A. At our clinic, we have changing rooms and provide workout attire such as tracksuits. You are welcome to bring your own sweatpants or tracksuit to change into as well.

  • Q.Can I use a card for payment?

    A.Yes, you can use a card for payment. If you prefer to use a credit card, please inform our reception staff.

  • Q.Is there a parking lot available?

    A.Yes, we have a dedicated parking lot.
    The parking area is located adjacent to the clinic and can accommodate up to five vehicles, allowing you to visit with your car or motorcycle with ease.

  • Q.Is a reservation required?

    A. Our clinic operates on an "appointment priority" basis.
    Therefore, when visiting our clinic, we kindly request that you make a reservation in advance.

  • Q.Is the treatment painless?

    A.We believe that treatments involving pain, such as electrical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and joint realignment, tend to be less effective. With the exception of special cases, such as severe damage to the affected area, our treatments are painless and can be received with confidence. At our clinic, we use the most gentle treatment methods and provide thorough care, so many individuals actually find the experience pleasant. It might be reassuring to know that over half of our regular visitors are women.

  • Q.Is it okay that my condition has been persistent for a long time?

    A.Certainly, please leave it to us! Over half of the patients who come to our clinic have previously visited treatment centers or hospitals. Many of them have been struggling with the frustration of not seeing the desired improvement in their symptoms.

  • Q.Do you feel the same sense of reassurance as you did when receiving treatment in Japan?

    A.Our staff will be coming from Japan to conduct interviews, explanations, and more. We will bring the correct techniques to Vietnam and deliver them accordingly.

  • Q. Is it safe to continue taking medication?

    A.That's possible. This is because our clinic focuses on treating the underlying cause of pain, which is the "bones." As a result, pain can be improved early on. This means that even those who have relied on painkillers or patches in the past can live without using them.

Reservations / Inquiries

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please contact us as soon as possible.

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